We are a leading supplier of aluminium profiles and hardware.

We Offer

● 28 Casement Profiles/Window ● C44 Shopfront/Door ● Sliding/Stacking Doors ● Palace Door Profiles ● 500 Series Sliding Window ● Ballustrades ● Angles, Flats and Square Bars

Standard Colours

● Mill Finish ● Anodised Silver/Natural ● Powder Coated Bronze ● Powder Coated White ● Powder Coated White ● Powder Coated Charcoal ● Powder Coated Black


We have considerable resources and expertise that has been made available to customers that require glass.


●Gaskets / Woolpile ●Hinges ●Handles ●Frictions Stays ●Silicone ●Locks/Cylinders ●Spigots/Cleats/Lugs

Patio & Shower Doors

Our doors and showers lend elegance and style to any home, the look and feel of superiority, openness and exclusiveness

We also do

● Glass
● Reflective Safety glass all colours
● Patio Doors all colours and sizes
● Shower Doors all sizes white with clear glass

Constantly Improve Efficiency & Output


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